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Sue Sally’s Polo - Long Sleeve
Sue Sally Polo - long sleeve

Sue Sally’s Polo - Long Sleeve

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aka A. Jones 

It wasn’t her fault.  She fell in love with the sport when she was just eleven years old, watching men ride horses up and down a 300 yard field near her family’s California home, chasing a wooden ball, (known in India as a pulu), striking it hard with their mallets, “flying in thunder, scoring in dust”.  Already a skilled equestrian, she plead with the players until they let her practice.  Then she played scrimmages. And then, finally, she got herself invited to ride a match… with only one catch.  The “Sport of Kings” wasn’t open to women.  So, Sue Sally Hale became the moustached (and eventually famous) A. Jones, playing formidably for a full twenty years before she was accepted as the first female member of the US Polo Association.  Resilient, tough, flexible.... this is her shirt. 

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