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Girls Jane Goodall Short
Girls Jane Goodall Shorts

Girls Jane Goodall Short

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Grand Dame 

From the day she was born, she loved animals.  Raised in a family of brilliant and indomitable women, she became a voracious reader with a particular appetite for true tales of exploration and adventure.  By her 13th birthday, she had determined that, somehow, someway, she would travel to Africa.  A few years later, unable to afford college, Valerie took a secretarial job with a documentary film company in London, traveled to Kenya, and met Dr. Louis Leaky, who, impressed by her innate skill as a researcher, sent her back to Cambridge for doctoral studies.  She changed her name.  Then she changed the world.  With little more than her binoculars, her notebook, and her khakis.  Ours are like hers, cool, double stitched, ready for the next adventure. 

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