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Boys Apollo Polo - Long Sleeve
Boys Marco Polo - Long Sleeve

Boys Apollo Polo - Long Sleeve

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After Intrepid 

We all know that Neil was first. Who was fourth? Just four months after that “one small step” in 1969, who piloted the second lunar module to a precision landing in Mare Cognitum? A Texas boy, naval aviator, test pilot and proud NASA astronaut named Al Bean. After his lunar adventure, Al piloted a Skylab mission, worked tirelessly designing and revising astronaut training evolutions, and, eventually, traded his dress blues and his flightsuit… for this.  Wrinkle resistant interlock long-sleeve polo. As cozy as Al Bean’s Intrepid, but way more comfortable. Perfect for the star voyager in you. 

PS - A gifted artist, Al is still the only painter of lunar landscapes to have seen the place firsthand. Ad astra per aspera. 

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