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55 Year Cardigan
55 Year Cardigan

55 Year Cardigan

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55 Cardigan
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55 Year Cardigan

His original manuscript totaled 9,250 pages.  If you take your time, you'll find both of them there, between the lines.  Edith welcomed her beloved "Lieutenant" home to the Shire after his service as a Lancashire Fusilier, his quiet heroism at the Sorbonne and his subsequent struggle with bartonella quintana (trench fever).  "Johnny," she wrote to a friend "seems like himself, but at a great distance.  I intend to find him, and to walk him the rest of the way home."  And so she did.  At their Oxford home on 20 Northmoor Road while John Reuel Tolkein wrote and taught, his childhood sweetheart surrounded him with things she knew he loved, talked with him endlessly about the beauty of language and etymology, and wrapped him (when he wasn't wearing his university tweeds) in sweaters just like this.  Johnny and Edith 55 year cardigan.  Not the woven wool of the original, but faithfully reproduced in durable, color-stable and extraordinarily shrink-resistant merino-acrylic that gets softer with every washing.  Uniform black, sized particularly for our Montessori upperclassmen, it's a hug from home that will follow your adventuring hobbits wherever they go.  

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